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Future Angels does not charge a consultation fee for intended parents. Intended parents can meet with us and/or speak with us directly. We never require you to register to view our current donor database.  Our donors are in constant contact with our coordinator and your donor selection is guaranteed to be AVAILABLE now!


$ 7,500.00  (All-Inclusive, Non-Refundable)


Matching Service

Cycle Coordination

Trust Fund Management of All Fees

Travel Arrangements as Necessary

Donor Psychological Evaluation

Legal Counsel for Egg Donor

Legal Counsel for Intended Parent

Note: All parties will be referred to legal counsel, utilizing the attorneys listed on our attorney referral page.  Should you choose to use outside legal counsel, Future Angels Egg Donation will provide a specifically allocated payment amount to that provider (see more information on the agency contract).  If your chosen attorney charges a higher fee, you will be responsible for the difference.

ADDITIONAL FEES (Not Included in Agency Fee)

Egg Donor Compensation: 

First-time donors receive a compensation of $5,000.00

Repeat/experienced donors receive a compensation of 2nd time proven donor $6,000.00 and an additional $1,000.00 for each donation up to $10,000.00 - for a maximum of 6 donations. *Please note - some experienced donors do request higher compensation - and that is noted in their details.

Donor catastrophic policy if not included in your Clinic fees  $408.00

Travel Expenses (if applicable):

Estimated Travel Costs: $1,500.00 - $2,000.00

These costs will be determined by us. We will always look for the best prices for your donor's air-fare, rental car, and hotel accommodations while traveling. Donor per deim is $65/day while traveling alone and $100/day when traveling with a companion. All travel expenses will initially be paid by our travel coordinator. Those fees must be deposited by the Intended Parents/Recipient in the Trust account within 14 days of anticipated travel.

Monitoring Expenses (if applicable):

Estimated Monitoring Costs: $1,500-$2,000

If your donor is not located within reasonable traveling distance from your physicians, she will be monitored at an assisted reproduction facility near her home.  We will recommend a facility and clear it with your physician, whom will also communicate with the facility.  You will pay the fees directly to the Trust account and we will provide the facility a credit card for immediate payment.

Miscellaneous Expenses:

Miscellaneous Cycle Expenses $500.00

Funds are held in Trust for any emergency such as last-minute testing, mileage, and postage.  Any unused funds are returned to you upon cycle completion (within 30 days).

Mileage/Gas (.57/mile)

If not traveling out of state for a cycle, donors may be reimbursed for mileage/gas @ .57/mile (for travel distances greater than 40 miles one-way)


  • The full Agency fee is due upon selection of your donor (and confirmation of the clinic).  If your donor does not pass the screening, a new donor will be provided with no additional agency fee.
  • The donor's compensation must be submitted to the Future Angels Trust account prior to the donor starting medication.
  • You also must submit all miscellaneous expenses (a detailed accounting will be provided).
  • All unused funds will be returned to you (within 30 days).
  • Future Angels accepts checks and money transfers for payments.
  • Please note that you will receive a more detailed cost estimate specific to your cycle once your match is official and we have received your doctor's instructions for the cycle.

*Special Notes:

  • Some clinics have different donor requirements (Age/BMI/etc.) We will confirm with your clinic the donor requirements. 
  • Future Angels offers a Premium Donor Search - More Premium Donor Search Info
  • If a donor cycle is cancelled by the RE prior to the egg retrieval (due to donor not responding well to the hormone injections) we will match you with a new donor.  Please note, however, that the donor will keep the start-of-medications fee. If you chose to work with a new donor we will waive the agency fee.  You will still be responsible for the new donor’s compensation, legal fees and all testing.
  • If you complete an egg donor cycle and do not achieve a pregnancy for any reason Future Angels will waive the agency fee and match you with a new donor until pregnancy is achieved.  You will still be responsible for the new donor’s compensation, all testing, legal fees, travel and monitoring as applicable to your new cycle.
  • IVF and medication costs are not included in this fee schedule. Consult your clinic/physician for an estimate of these costs.
  • If you would like a list of preferred clinics in your area please call or email us.




At any time you may contact us via live chat!  Talk to us today!!

*some experienced donors compensation is higher - please see the donors details for exact amount